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Savon Huggins and Coach Greg SchianoScrimmage Produces Answers Premium


Yesterday's intra-squad duel revealed many of the strengths and weaknesses of the current version of Scarlet Knight football. Take a look inside to find out SOR's take on what it all means. Read More More



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Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano

Preseason Camp up to this Point Premium

With today being the first full pad practice, lets analyze a few glaring moves which have occurred during the first handful of practices. Take a look inside to find out the developements.

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The Rutgers Scarlet Kngihts

SOR Camp Preview: The Defense

With all of the attention on the offense this offseason, the Rutgers defense still remains a bit of an anomaly. Take a look insid to find out what camp will bring from the defense.

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The Hale Center

Reporting Day has Arrived

With reporting day finally arriving, let's take a look a what SOR staff writer Mike Redden feels about a plethora of issues, including the media ranking Rutgers dead last in the conference.

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Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano

SOR Media Day Wrap-Up

Big East Media Day has come and gone. The media selected Rutgers to finish last out of the eight teams in the league. Find out about some of the other events that took place.

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Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano teaching

SOR Camp Preview: The Offense

With the players reporting to camp less than two days from now, lets break down the depth at each position and address a few of the anticipated position battles. Check it out!

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Former Rutgers QB Steve Shimko

Roster Changes Announced

Today it was announced that three former Scarlet Knights will no longer be suiting up for the football program going forward. However, one knight wll be receiving a sixth year.

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Your Rutgers Scarlet Knights!

Red's Rant 07.26.11 Premium

With the dog-days of Summer now almost here and a heat-wave reducing a state known for its gardening into one resembling a brick pizza oven, lets talk Rutgers football.

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Your Rutgers Scarlet Knights!

Season Potential at All-Time Contrast

SOR Blogger Brian Sokolowski gives his take on the currnt state of the Rutgers football program. He perceives that Rutgers' season potential is at an all-time contrast.

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Rutgers WR Keith Stroud

Keith Stroud To Transfer Premium

Scarlet Knights wide receiver Keith "KJ" Stroud has confirmed via his Twitter page that he will be transferring to Bethune Cookman. What does that mean for Rutgers?

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Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano

Rutgers Football No. 2 in APR

The Rutgers football program has created a pattern of academic excellence over the past few years, and this year is no different. Find out what the NCAA revealed today inside.

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Rutgers Stadium

Lockout Assisting Rutgers?

SOR Staff Writer Brian Sokolowski analyzes if the NFL lockout could possibly have a positive effect on the attendence at Rutgers stadium this upcoming season. Check it out!

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Rutgers Scarlet Knight Mascot

Spring Game Impressions Premium

Inside, SOR shares some of our first-hand interactions with some of the current Rutgers players as well as incoming Scarlet Knights and high school recruits.

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The Scarlet-White Game

Scarlet-White Game Photos Premium

Rutgers' Scarlet-White game was a tremendous spectacle held inside of Rutgers Stadium. Take a look at a few photos from the event and get a feel for what a great day it was.

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Photo Courtesy Of

Scarlet-White Game Preview

Rutgers Spring practice will conclude with the Scarlet-White Game. It is the final practice of the spring and the first look at the team by the fans. What can be expected?

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