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Rutgers OC Frank Cignetti, Jr.Hunt Addresses the Cignetti Factor


RU Fans frustrated by the "Wild Knight" producing negative yardage, while keeping RU quarterbacks on the sideline losing valuable development time might find hope in RU's new OC. Read More More



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Rutgers' equipment truck

Red's Rant Premium

As the college bowl season progresses, things in the Big East continue to become more topsy-turvy. Take a look inside to fing out what SOR Staff Writer Michael Redden has to say about it.

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Rutgers fans at the RAC

Balter Analyzes a Season and a Half Premium

Mike Rice has Rutgers fans suddenly looking forward to much brighter days the likes of which haven't been seen around these parts in years. Too bad we can't just fast-forward to it now.

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Rutgers head coach Mike Rice

Rutgers-UNC: The Aftermath Premium

Reality recently set in for Rutgers. UNC took RU apart at The World's Most Famous Arena on national television, 78-55. See what our residential RU Basketball expert has to say about it.

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The Lowery Brothers

Lowery Brothers Impact Rutgers Premium

In 2010, Antwan and Antonio Lowery had the opportunity to play football with one another on the same collegiate team. SOR Blogger Brian Sokolowski analyzes their impact together.

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Merry Christmas SOR Family!

Merry Christmas SOR Family!

SOR would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fans who have stuck with us through the years and wanted to wish you all a Merry christmas. Eat, drink and be well!

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Red's Holiday Rant Premium

With the high school football season now over and the never-ending bowl season now in full effect, there are plenty of big things happening across the "State of Rutgers". Find out what they are inside.

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Rutgers head coach Mike Rice

Rutgers 55, St. Peters 52

With his team trailing by six at halftime, Rutgers Scarlet Knights head coach Mike Rice alerted his players that they would be practicing at 8 a.m. on Christmas Eve. How did the team respond?

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SOR administrator Todderick Hunt

Hunt Talks Hafley Hiring

RU has been able to turn their worst season in 10 years into one of their most exciting early off-seasons in nearly that time. See what Todderick Hunt has to say about the Jeff Hafley hiring.

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Rutgers head coach Mike Rice

Rutgers Defeats FDU, 79-65

Jonathan Mitchell had 22 points and six rebounds as Rutgers easily defeated Fairleigh Dickinson, 79-65, Tuesday night. Rutgers shot 51.9 percent and had 22 assists on 28 baskets.

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Rutgers' Dane Miller

Rutgers Defeats Auburn, 63-54

Dane Miller had 17 points and 10 rebounds and Rutgers overcame an early seven-point deficit to beat cold-shooting Auburn 63-54 on Saturday in the SEC-Big East Invitational. More inside.

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Rutgers Stadium

10 Things We Learned This Season

A trying regular season is over for Rutgers. What was once filled with promise is now in the books as a disappointing campaign where RU was exposed with plenty of holes as a program.

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10 Things We Learned...

10 Things We Learned... Premium

Rutgers' football season ended in a 35-14 loss at West Virginia on Dec. 4. The Mountaineers (9-3, 5-2) made short work of the Scarlet Knights (4-8, 1-6) for their 16th straight series victory.

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Your Rutgers Scarlet Kngihts!

The Next Two Months are the Future

RU did not finish bowl eligible and now has the next two months to figure it all out. And to make matters worse, most of Rutgers' rivals were bowl eligible, with Temple not getting an invite at 8-4.

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RU vs. West Virginia: The X Factor

Rutgers' Finale: The X-Factor

We can sit here and look at stats all day. We can examine match-ups and who is hot along with who isn't. At the end of the day, you still have to show up and play the game. Look inside.

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