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AP Photo/Patrick SemanskyPreview:Ohio State


After 6 games, RU is 5-1 and will travel to Ohio State for their first Big 10 road game. RU finds themselves 19.5 underdogs. Let's see what challenges OSU presents to RU. Read More More



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5 Things We Learned:Michigan

Rutgers got their first Big Ten victory and has a two weeks to prepare for Ohio State. Let's see what we learned from the Michigan victory.

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Nova Leads RU past Michigan, 26-24

Gary Nova throws for 404 yards to lead Rutgers over Michigan for their first Big Ten win.

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Michigan: Must Win Game

Rutgers has a golden opportunity to take a step towards greater "respect" and have the nation understand who they are.

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Five Players to Watch:Michigan

As Rutgers takes the field against Michigan, there are 5 players that you should keep your eyes on.

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Preview: Michigan

Rutgers will play their second Big 10 game with Michigan as the opponent. Let's see what challenges the Wolverines will present to the Knights.

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5 Things We Learned:Tulane

After defeating Tulane, RU now stands at 4-1 with the heart of the Big 10 schedule ahead. Let's take a look at what we learned from the Tulane contest.

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Rutgers Defeats Tulane 31-6

Rutgers defeats Tulane 31-6. While Gary Nova captures the career mark for TD pass.

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Five Players to Watch: Tulane

The loss of Paul James and Delon Stephenson means other players will need to be playmakers. Here are five players to watch for the Tulane game.

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Preview: Tulane

RU will complete this out of conference schedule with Tulane. Let's see what challenges the Green Wave might present.

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RU Defeats Navy, 31-24

Rutgers was able to hold off Navy for a 31-24 victory behind a strong running game.

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Final Thoughts - PSU

Let's take a final look at the PSU game with some final thoughts, review and comments.

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Five Players to Watch:Navy

As Rutgers faces the triple-option, there are 5 players that Rutgers fans should keep their eyes on.

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Preview: Navy

This weekend, RU will face the threat of the triple-option. Let's look at the challenges the midshipmen will pose and how RU could combat it.

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A View Into Games 4 to 6

At the beginning of the season, we reviewed the first three games. Now we will look at games 4 through 6 and make some predictions.

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