Brock Ruble On Rutgers Offer

Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer

Oct 10, 2012

By: Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer


DeMatha Catholic (MD) OL Brock Ruble

DeMatha Catholic (MD) OL Brock Ruble

Maryland football powerhouse DeMatha Catholic always seems to come up with massive offensive lineman with tremendous upside.  The latest name to get familiar with is 6-foot-9, 310 pound left tackle Brock Ruble, who recently picked up his very first offer from the Scarlet Knights.


“I got the Rutgers offer just a week-and-a-half ago.  I was kind of surprised by it because I got a couple of letters from Rutgers but I was getting more from other schools to be honest.  It surprised me at first but I know the offensive line coach saw my film and saw me in practice so it makes sense,” Ruble explained.


The DeMatha standout has yet to visit the Rutgers campus but says that he has been watching them from afar on TV for years and is a major fan of their offensive scheme.  Ruble has heard nothing but positive things about Rutgers but stops short of crowning them or anyone else as a favorite since he has yet to visit schools.


With a balanced offense at DeMatha, Ruble says that he has been able to develop skills in all areas as a tackle.


“I think it’s a mix of things.  I don’t think I’m a specialist in any one area, I do a lot of things well.  When it comes to pass blocking and run blocking I’m strong in both, I’m not lopsided or anything in any one area,” said the powerful lineman.


Meanwhile, the self-critical Ruble says that he has an awful lot he can improve on for this season and beyond.


“As an o-lineman you can always work on getting your feet faster, staying low, hitting the weight room, and getting stronger.  There are some things that you can never really perfect.  This is my first year starting so I’m just trying to run the plays right and be where I should be.  It’s a lot to deal with but I’m working on it,” Ruble said.


Looking ahead, Ruble says that he can’t envision himself committing to a school before his senior season as he has yet to start checking out schools as a junior.  Other interested programs include Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia.