Brendan Bordner Talks Rutgers

Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer

Sep 27, 2016

By: Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer


Brendan Bordner

Brendan Bordner

When you ask Brendan Bordner which schools have offered him, he asks if he can have a minute to rack his brain.  With 31 offers on the table, you can't blame the defensive end for not being able to rattle them all off.

Bordner, a standout Ohio's Hilliard Bradley High School, has been on the national recruiting radar for a long time now.  In May, the Scarlet Knights offered him and they quickly became one of his favorites.
"When I got that offer during the school year, it meant a lot for me," Bordner told "Right now, I would say that Rutgers is one of my favorite schools [to have offered me] along with West Virginia, Cincinnati, and Navy.  I would probably put Kentucky in that group as well."
Bordner is in constant contact with someone at RU, whether it's a coach or a fellow recruit.  The defensive end says that he is especially close with Mike Tverdov, an RU legacy who committed to the team in July.  Unsurprisingly, he is also talking with defensive line coach Shane Burnham frequently.  Being from Ohio,  Bordner is especially fond of the idea of playing for Chris Ash.
"I think he is a very smart coach and he's definitely very defensively minded, which is important to me," the 6'5", 240 pound athlete said. "Him having the ties to Ohio State previously as their defensive coordinator, it definitely stands out in my mind.  This is a coach with a wealth of experience at the biggest school in my state."
With an offer from Cincinnati, Bordner has an opportunity to play football less than an hour from his house.  West Virginia and Kentucky are also within three hours. Still, Bordner doesn't see distance as a huge factor in his decision and he doesn't have an issue with spending the next four years in New Jersey.  
Bordner has taken the important step of trimming his list of 31 offers down to four or five favorites.  However, that doesn't mean that a decision is right around the corner.  Bordner tells SOR that he wants to decide "soon enough to be able to enroll early," but he also won't commit until after he takes his official visit to RU in December.
This year, Bordner aims to top his tackles total from last season while leading his team to a division championship.  While he's excited about his collegiate future, he says that his No. 1 focus will remain on winning with Hilliard Bradley in his final high school season.